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Quench & Tickle is the latest launch from two of Denmark’s most recognized cocktail sons, Kasper Riewe Høgh and Rasmus Poulsgaard. The duo reunite here again to bring their many years of combined experience in the cocktail scene to the everyday market. Quench & Tickle is the latest of their numerous ambitious projects aimed at helping people enjoy better quality drinking. 
“Quench & Tickle aims to combine convenience with quality and complexity. Enjoy a drink anywhere, anytime, but drink better!” 
Kasper and Rasmus want to introduce another category of convenience cocktails which would do away with the all-too-common compromises seen in the market today. They seek instead to cater to the more discerning drinker who wants to enjoy quality cocktails and stimulate their palette, even when they aren’t touring the best bars in town. 
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